Susan Linde

Little Bees Big Honey

Little Bees Big Honey is a small and growing apiary that specializes in local, small-batch seasonal honey. No two honey extractions should ever look or taste the same as no two seasons are exactly the same, as the environment changes, so does the honey. Each jar of honey is labeled with the kind of honey that it is, the date that it was extracted from the hive, the exact hive, designated by the queen of the hive, the number of frames that we extracted and the number of jars that we were able to produce from the specific honey batch. Our honey is never heated so it maintains all of its naturally occurring healing and beneficial properties. We also collect pollen from our hive, the pollen is a complete plant protein and a superfood that helps mitigate seasonal allergies. The skin and lip balms are handcrafted using natural and organic shea, coconut, beeswax, and essential oils for healing and soothing properties.