Michael Folsom


Custom Handmade Jewelry - Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings. Business Card Holders, Money Clips and other items made from Copper Metal. The Necklaces are wire wrapped by hand in Non Tarnish Wire of the color that enhances the Semi Precious Stones. Some Stones are Wire Wrapped and Encircled in Copper Wire. The copper work is all hand made from cutting or hammering out the copper to hand filing to smooth edges. Some copper pieces are patina d in different solutions to bring out different beautiful colors copper can turn. Also some pieces are heat patina d. We have made Dichroic Glass Pieces and wire wrap and attached to either beads or a Hand knitted chain necklace. All of our creations are one of a kind. We also make other items such as beaded necklaces, sun catchers, Holiday Themed jewelry, and are looking on to learning how to make wire wrapped rings with Semi precious Stones. We hand knit wire to create different Chains for our wire wrapped Semi precious stones.