Mark Puente

Mixed Media

Nailivic Studios produces laser etched and cut modern folk art. Mark Puente’s pen and ink illustrations, inspired by Dia de los Muertos, Mexican La Lotería and folk art from around the world, are transformed into colorful wall-art with the use of milk paints, baltic birch wood and a laser cutter. Mark’s detailed and organic line work comes to life in 3D with the precision of a laser. The resulting artwork is boldly colored, wonderfully tactile and magically affordable. Nailivic is Civilian spelled in reverse. We believe a civilian has both the right and the responsibility to change society for the best, by any means necessary. Nailivic Studios strives to create art that provokes thought and conversation, while remaining affordable enough to spread our message far and wide. At this moment in history, it is vital that we as civilians shape and direct society into the future our children deserve.