Lindsay Field

Glass Jewelry

I create unique handmade glass jewelry in modern and retro designs. My work mainly consists of a process known as Fused Glass in which sheets of pre-colored glass are cut, stacked in layers to create unique designs, then fused together in a kiln at about 1500 degrees. Once cool, I remove the pieces from the kiln and determine whether or not they are complete as is, or need to be refined into a new shape or design. The time spent working the glass after it has been fired is known as "coldworking" and often encompasses a variety of steps including sandblasting, sawing and grinding the glass. While many pieces might only require one pass through these steps, some pieces end up being coldworked and fired several times in order to achieve the desired effect. Most of the work I create is jewelry and accessories along with unique larger plates and platters. The way in which the glass is stacked is what determines how the design will turn out. I enjoy modern, retro, and geometric designs and try to reproduce these types of imagery in my work.